GateKeeper Map

Have you ever wondered, "Where are the Gates?"

Skimaps have always been missing the advanced areas of the mountain. The super special top secret areas that are bound by rope lines and only allowed access by gates. We we thought why not start indexing this valued resource?  

The Why

Why are we doing this? Well Gates are not noted on any resort map, at least not for the public. They are the hidden goods for the experts and ski patrol. So why not include them on the most technically accurate skimaps available? We think by having this new dimension of data they truly are the best out there.

The Details

We will collect as many gates as we can but we can't get them all. So we made this super special GateKeeper map that you can drop a point where a marked gate is anywhere in the US, if we have that resort drawn into our database or not. Add the name, resort, notes or even a picture. You can even give it a rating while you are here. We will add all of the uploaded gate data to our next version of our ski maps for you to use. So make it good data! We trust you...